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It takes just a few minutes to create your very own spooky family portrait with Beefeater and Mr. Men Little Miss.

We’ll be featuring the most frightful on our Facebook page, so get going and make yours now.

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Here’s how it works

  1. 1. Add your family members
  2. 2. Choose the funniest Mr. Men or Little Miss character for each person
  3. 3. Save and share your portrait. You can even set it as your Facebook cover photo!

We’ll be showing off the most spook-tastic portraits on Facebook this Halloween. So go give your family a horrifying makeover!

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Add family member Done
All Mr. Men Little Miss
  • Mr. Bump
  • Mr. Busy
  • Mr. Clever
  • Mr. Cool
  • Mr. Forgetful
  • Mr. Funny
  • Mr. Greedy
  • Mr. Grumpy
  • Mr. Happy
  • Mr. Lazy
  • Mr. Messy
  • Mr. Perfect
  • Mr. Silly
  • Mr. Small
  • Mr. Strong
  • Mr. Tall
  • Mr. Tickle
  • Little Miss Bossy
  • Little Miss Busy
  • Little Miss Chatterbox
  • Little Miss Fun
  • Little Miss Giggles
  • Little Miss Hug
  • Little Miss Naughty
  • Little Miss Princess
  • Little Miss Scary
  • Little Miss Stubborn
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Little Miss Tiny
  • Little Miss Trouble

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